Hello! I’m glad you decided to stop by my shiny new blog. Hopefully soon there will be more delicious things to see. I’m working on collages for the sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types, so once those are completed I’ll be happy to share them. For now, I suggest you take a look at my Who, What, and Why pages to get a better idea of me and the purposes behind this blog.

If you want to amuse me, go ahead and put your personality type in the comments. It will be fun to see what types of readers I’ve got. =D



  1. ENTJ. *grins* Jsyk, I only took the test once, on a whim (I don’t think I even know what the result meant), on a website I can’t remember (probably wasn’t accredited), and I’ve got to trust to my memory that it was, in fact, ENTJ. But the description fits me perfectly.

    Frera: INTP? At least, I related strongly to that description in your blog post.

    Also, I -love- the design of this new blog, even if I don’t think personality types are that important (the fact that the Myers-Briggs test even exists is suspect, but I won’t question that here–I love what you’re doing; *hopes I don’t sound too brazen*).

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    • Ah, yep, ENTJ sounds like you. *nods* As for I/E and P/J . . . it’s also possible you may be more balanced in those functions, so you might exhibit more introverted and perceiving attributes than some other ENTJs. *shrugs*

      Thanks. =D Hehe, don’t worry at all, you’re not too brazen. It helps that I actually know you. xD But yes, I know a lot of people don’t seem to enjoy personality types as much as I do, or see the point in them. You can see my opinion on the Why page, but I understand your view. Obviously there are more important things in life than finding people’s personalities. XP


  2. Fascinating blog, Rebekah. I believe I have taken the test before, but I don’t remember what I got. I’m afraid I’ve never found any of the types to be particularly accurate to me. I’m certainly interested to see what you say about them!
    Though I still can’t get over the fact that I don’t know if I’m extroverted or introverted… *sigh* I feel so left out of both parties.

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  3. This is intriguing. =)
    I’ve taken these tests a few times, both for fun, for curiosity, and as a college assignment. =P I’m ISFJ-T – 100%I (no duh), 35%S, 70%F, 85%J, 49%T. I find this amusingly, uncannily accurate. Also, their use of the word “Judging.” I am perpetually confused as to why that is the best word they could come up with.

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  4. (Yus I know this was like weeks ago, and I swear I read it then, but I have a sudden urge to comment now. xD)
    Plus, I always find amusement in saying that my type is:

    Or, as my twin put it:


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