Here’s Which Myers-Briggs Type You’re Most Likely To Mistype As

Thanks so much for all of your feedback on the previous post! I’ll be delving into in-depth explorations of each letter set in my next few posts, perhaps doing one a week if all goes well. School’s starting up again so I’ll be pretty busy, but hopefully I’ll be able to balance things. I’ve also got some more lists in mind, along with some INFP things up my sleeve, so I shouldn’t be running out of ideas any time soon. =D As I work on my Extroversion vs. Introversion post, though, here’s an interesting thing I found a few days ago. Enjoy. ^^

Thought Catalog


Most likely to mistype as: ENFJ

Why the mistype happens: Extroverted feeling feeds off the emotions of others, which means that INFJs require a great deal of social time in order to remain emotionally stable. This type is highly likely to appear extroverted to those around them, as they are most animated and enthusiastic when they are in the company of others.* Most INFJs are assumed to be ENFJs by others upon first meeting them.

*This is also an important distinction between INFJ and INFP types, as they often mistype as one another. INFJs glean energy from almost any form of positive social interaction, even the ‘niceties’ of small talk, as their extroverted feeling is highly in tune with social conventions/norms. INFPs on the other hand, are only energized by social interaction if it plays on their extroverted intuition – for example, if they are brainstorming ideas with…

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  1. Wait. I don’t quite get it–what do you mean with “feeding” off emotions? Are INFJs like dementors? (-;

    Also, does this mean an ENTJ is likely to mistype as INTJ? I’d say I’m /extremely/ social when with those people I deem sociable, and society refreshes me, but on the other hand, I “do” social things very rarely (I…actually don’t have any regular social event in real life I attend where I have friends), and I completely ignore others if I choose to after evaluating them or simply find them not willing to, ahem, be persuadable (I’m including vices here as well as virtues).


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