INTJ Facts




    • Okay, to be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about compatibility/which types are best with each other. I didn’t make these facts (, but I’m assuming that they’re looking at which types compliment each other the best, so are similar in some ways so as not to drive each other completely insane, but are different in other ways that compliment and strengthen. For example, INTJs and ENTPs both love theories and information and discussions, but INTJs may be more structured and detailed than ENTPs. Hopefully that helps a bit. =)


  1. I think we like to understand a new concept but we tend to loose interest gradually once we understand it. Once we get an idea about the bigger picture then we might not bother to know about minute details. Again this is my observation so I could be wrong.


  2. You know you’re an INTJ when the sparkly glittery thing annoys you. 😉 But ’tis counterbalanced by the sight of space and galaxies.


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