INTP Facts

I’ve got a few different types of blog posts in the works, so once I finish this series we’ll get a bit of variety. I’m excited to have started some of my first MBTI type lists, for one.




  1. Goodness, I need a lot of work to write Josh as an actual INTP, and not like an INFJ like myself. xP Why is my MC such a difficult type? *growls*

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    • *pats* At least you’ve got some things to help you understand INTPs better. You’re definitely not the only one who struggles writing characters like themselves. xP


  2. I just got the most INTP line ever from Peter. He came up to mom looking really sad and slumped down on the couch next to her. Mom asked what was wrong and he said: “I just figured out how to make time travel possible and then I forgot.” I heard him and kind of sputtered and he looked up, frowning and went “What’s funny?”


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