INFJ Facts

I added a new page at the bottom of this blog, if you want to check it out. I thought it’d be nice if you had any ideas for posts that you wanted me to write about. Please keep in mind I probably won’t do every suggestion, but I welcome the input.

And now, the INFJ facts.




  1. I thought ISFJ’s were the protectors. Or at least, they’re called the defenders at


    • There are lots of different names for each type; this site just decided to use Protectors to describe INFJs. ISFJs are called the Nurturers on the same site.


      • I liked Defrnders better for the ISFJs. Why’s they change it? And I liked the guy with the sword way better than the nurse… *folds arms unhappily*

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    • Same! I’m not positive how accurate that statistic is, since it seems like it could partially be because INFJs frequently mistype as ENFJs or INTJs. *shrugs* But I do seem to know a lot of INFJs as well.


      • Yeah, INTJs are supposed to be the close competitor for rarest type. Honestly, ENTJs and ESTJs are the least I’ve met of the types. I wonder how they work out the statistics.
        Either that, or we’re both adventurers in a land of rare types. It’s like Jurassic Park or something. πŸ˜›

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      • Haha, yes, we’ve been priviledged with rare type sightings. xD Because I think I know the most INTJs of any type, actually. O.o I have yet to meet an ENTP that I know of, though.


  2. They keep saying deep…is there a “shallow” personality type?

    These are so many facts that it seems like INFJs are apparently everything. No, really. They’re logical yet artistic, secretive yet complex and fostering deep relationships with people, spontaneous yet organized, reserved yet have good communication skills…eh. I’m wondering if one INFJ wouldn’t just have several of these, instead of all. It seems more like the authors of these facts were trying to describe the human race and missed the mark only by a few more facts.


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