ESTJ Facts

Slowly getting through these fact sets. We hath reached the extroverts! On another note, I feel rather bad saying this, but I don’t think I’ll be doing a post on each letter (E/I, S/N, F/T, P/J). I think it would be more helpful to instead take a look at each cognitive function, since those are really what make the types what they are, not the letters. *nods*





  1. It’s nice seeing some positive facts on this type. Most type posts sort of just stick them in the box of “know it all”.


    • Mm, yeah, I agree. It’s nice to see the types get credit for their strengths, instead of some being pointed out more for their weaknesses. *nods*


      • Totally. ExTJs are rather discriminated against.
        Hold on… *looks through the facts again* Sweeet! I think I just typed one of my characters who didn’t have his MBTI done. 😀

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  2. I wish I knew one of these well. They sound like someone I could learn a lot from. xP Also, I really like the idea of focusing on functions versus the pairs of letters. Like you said, it’s more accurate. Can’t wait! =D

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  3. I’m wondering if one of the guys in my speech class (whom I’d randomly guessed was ESTP) is actually a J. This could be him, based on this post…. *grins and adds him to my sheet with a question mark*

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