Conversations: Going Out

ESFP: INFJ! Can we go out?
INFJ: Go out to do . . . ?
ESFP: I don’t know. Just go out. We could go to Target and drive around and everything!
INFJ: I need to clean the fridge and do the laundry. I don’t think so.
ESFP: Buuuut . . .
INFJ: Maybe Thursday. I can’t promise, in case I fall ill and die, but we’ll see. Plus, didn’t we just go out?
ESFP: What? No . . .
INFJ: Yeah, on Saturday.
ESFP: But that’s like three days ago!
INFJ: I need some time inside, ESFP.
ESFP: *sighs* Okay.


    • Haha, that’s hilarious. This was a word-for-word conversation I overheard, so that’s really funny it describes you and your brother as well. *grin*

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