Cognitive Functions: Night Owl

NOTE: I’ve got a few of the cognitive function posts written, so keep your eyes out for them in the near future. =D I’m just a little nervous because I’m not positive I’m describing them all completely accurately . . . but hopefully they can help explain functions at least a little bit. Until then, enjoy this:

INFP is working on things and looks at the clock to see, much to her surprise, that it’s already 11:45.

Fi: Oh no. It’s late. Our parents don’t like us being up this late, and it’s important that we respect their wishes.

Ne: But look at all the stuff we’re getting done! After we finish this collage we could jot down a poem and still be in bed before midnight.

Si: I don’t know, guys. Last time we stayed up this late we were really tired in the morning. We should go to sleep.

Ne: Aw Si you’re no fun. If we don’t write the poem now, we never will.

Si: That’s true. Based on past experiences, we have a hard time picking up ideas again if we don’t address them immediately.

Ne: See? Let’s write this!

Fi: And I do want to express my emotions on its topic…

Ne: You know you want to, Fi.

Fi: But still, we shouldn’t be up.

Te: You’re wasting time arguing. You could have finished the poem by now.

Ne: Te’s right. Or we could make another collage. Or write a story. Or––

Fi: Poem. That’s all. Then we’re going to bed.

Ne: *grouches*

INFP finishes the poem and is now lying in bed.

Fi: We’re still in bed before midnight, and before our brother. We’re fine.

Si: Unless we wake up tomorrow and are exhausted.

Ne: Guys I have another story idea.

Si: We stayed up too late three nights ago and regretted it. It’s going to happen again.

Ne: Guys we need to write it.

Si: And then we’re going to feel bad because we knew we should have gone to bed anyway.

Ne: Guysguysguys it’s a really cool story idea.

Fi: But at least we wrote the poem. We didn’t squander the time we were up.

Ne: GUYS––




  1. I totally get the Si and Ne arguing. XD Loved it!
    You’re giving me to many ideas now….
    OH OH OH! THIS COULD TOTALLY BE AN INSIDE OUT SPINOFF! So everyone’s four people in their mind headquarters are the four functions! *hurriedly writes this down* This needs to at least be a drawing project…

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  2. I haven’t researched cognitive functions, so I don’t understand them at all, but as an INFP I can verify that this is exaaactly what it’s like for me staying up late at night. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you could relate. *grins* In a very very brief nutshell, it’s kind of like Fi: morals, Ne: IDEAS, Si: past experiences, and Te: efficiency. I’m looking forward to getting to explain them, though. =D

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s so cool! I’ll look forwards to learning more about them. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t wait to see your function posts—I’m sure they’ll be awesome. And this is so perfect. I love it. =DD It’s fun to get a peek into what other functions are like.

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