Conversations: J vs. P

Note: Only three people in the group (of about seven or so) knew about MBTI, and only ISFJ and your resident INFP knew about the cognitive functions.
INFP: *sitting on counter swinging legs while deep in thought*
ISTJ: Are you silently judging us all?
INFP: What? No, I’m a perceiver.
INFP: ISFJ’s a judger though! *points finger*
ISFJ: Bah, perceivers. My introverted sensing collects all the memories you forget about.
INFP: But my extroverted intuition collects ALL THE POSSIBILITIES. *sticks out tongue*
ISFJ2: Did you just stick your tongue out at her?
INFP: Uh, yes? This is a rather frequent occurrence when we get in arguments.
ISFJ: *nods*
ISFJ2: Good to know.

Conversations: The Differences Between INFP and INTP

Word-for-word conversation from a car ride.
INFP: Look at that sunset! Isn’t it gorgeous? With the cream and yellow and blue and violet and orange.
INTP: Sunsets on mars are blue.

Conversations: Going Out

ESFP: INFJ! Can we go out?
INFJ: Go out to do . . . ?
ESFP: I don’t know. Just go out. We could go to Target and drive around and everything!
INFJ: I need to clean the fridge and do the laundry. I don’t think so.
ESFP: Buuuut . . .
INFJ: Maybe Thursday. I can’t promise, in case I fall ill and die, but we’ll see. Plus, didn’t we just go out?
ESFP: What? No . . .
INFJ: Yeah, on Saturday.
ESFP: But that’s like three days ago!
INFJ: I need some time inside, ESFP.
ESFP: *sighs* Okay.

Conversations: Wrapping

Family members packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
INFP: Let’s make this box look as pretty as possible. I can use two kinds of wrapping paper, right?
INFJ: I love the challenge of trying to fit in as many toys as possible! No, don’t give up, here let me help you.
ESFP: *randomly cutting wrapping paper in hopes it will fit*
ESTJ: *to ESFP* No, we have to measure it. Make sure you’re cutting straight.
INTP: *takes apart entire box and has fun using glue instead of tape because why not*