MBTI Collage Set

Yes I know I just made a post yesterday so I should probably wait before posting this one but I don’t want to so I’m giving it to you now. And that was a horrible run-on. o.e Anyway. I thought it would take longer to finish this, but thanks to a beautifully free Saturday I was able to make the last installments today.

Based on these two blog posts I found, I have made a collage for each of the sixteen personality types. =D A few disclaimers, though. Firstly, I apologize if I inaccurately portrayed one of the personalities; I don’t know some of them as well as I could, and if you’re the type and feel like I made it incorrectly, then sorry about that. Secondly, I apologize if some may seem “girlier” than others. I, if you didn’t know, am a girl. xD As are most of my friends, who I was thinking of as I worked on the collages. I tried to make them as balanced as possible, but I know there at least a few that are probably leaning a bit more heavily to the feminine side. So sorry about that too. I also think my collage-making skills got a lot better as I went along, so my first few collages may not be as good as my other ones (ENFP and ENFJ, I’m looking at you).

Now, with all that being said, here’s my little art project. Enjoy. =D (click an image to make it larger, which you really should do because they’re not actually circles but that was the least confusing way to set them up in a gallery)