Conversations: J vs. P

Note: Only three people in the group (of about seven or so) knew about MBTI, and only ISFJ and your resident INFP knew about the cognitive functions.
INFP: *sitting on counter swinging legs while deep in thought*
ISTJ: Are you silently judging us all?
INFP: What? No, I’m a perceiver.
INFP: ISFJ’s a judger though! *points finger*
ISFJ: Bah, perceivers. My introverted sensing collects all the memories you forget about.
INFP: But my extroverted intuition collects ALL THE POSSIBILITIES. *sticks out tongue*
ISFJ2: Did you just stick your tongue out at her?
INFP: Uh, yes? This is a rather frequent occurrence when we get in arguments.
ISFJ: *nods*
ISFJ2: Good to know.

ISTJ Facts

Still working on finding time to get those in-depth posts written; it’s been taking longer than I anticipated. Until I manage to finish them, though, I’ll be sharing some other random things. Hopefully I’ll find time to get Extroversion vs. Introversion finished soon, especially since I’ve got some strong feelings on that one. 0=)

I found this awesome website and decided it would be neat to share the pictures on it in sixteen different posts. We’ll begin with ISTJ, since that was the first on the list.