Wingfeather MBTI

One of my favorite artists and authors, Andrew Peterson, has this amazing Kickstarter campaign to turn his series The Wingfeather Saga into a TV series. There are only 32 hours left to the campaign, and they’re $36,178 from their largest stretch goal. In honor of the campaign (and as a way to advertise for it because everyone should check it out and back it), I tried to type the characters from the saga. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t think of any ENTJ characters, so if any of you have suggestions I’d love to hear them in the comments. =D Also, a lot of these are tentative guesses since I haven’t read the books in awhile.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.24.54 PM.png

INFP – Leeli
INFJ – Janner (and Nia)
INTJ – Guildmaster Clout
INTP – Oskar N. Reteep
ISTP – Thorne and Kelvey O’Sally
ISTJ – Artham
ISFJ – Sara Cobbler
ISFP – Amula Rainwater
ESFP – Kalmar
ESFJ – Rudric
ESTJ – Podo
ESTP – Maraly
ENTP – Bonifer
ENTJ – [give your idea in the comments!]
ENFJ – Gammon
ENFP – Armulyn


Art Media

Behold, my first types list! Or, well, my first finished one. I’ve got some others in the works too. 0=) But, since it’s my first, I apologize for any errors I might have made. It’s purely for amusement.

MBTI as art media/writing utensils

INTJ: graphite
Graphite assortment.jpg

INTP: erasable pens

INFP: watercolors

INFJ: oil pastels

ISFJ: white pencil

ISTJ: charcoal

ISTP: chalk

ISFP: colored pencils

ESFP: crayons

ESTP: spray paint

ESTJ: pens

ESFJ: highlighters

ENFJ: oil paints

ENFP: markers

ENTP: whiteboard markers

ENTJ: sharpies


I’m hoping to get into a schedule of posts by the time the school year starts, but until then, I’ll just be doing a few smatterings of things here and there. xD

I found this a few days ago and freaked out for a second because I read the first line before reading the title. I was prepared to give a talking-to to whoever thought that was an accurate description of each type––and then I saw the title. *facepalms*

Completely Inaccurate Type Descriptions

INFP: Really loves pointless small talk with total strangers.
ENFP: Hates the world and everything in it.
ENFJ: Don’t ever hug them, they seriously hate hugs.
INFJ: The most shallow people in the world.
ENTP: Hates arguments and will avoid them at all costs.
INTP: Absolutely no capacity for critical thought.
ENTJ: They totally stink at life.
INTJ: A social butterfly who seems to be friends with literally everyone.
ESFP: Super boring, hates adventures of any kind.
ISFP: Literally the least creative people in the world.
ESTP: Always stays on the safe side, never takes any chances.
ISTP: They really stink at fixing things.
ESTJ: They absolutely hate being in charge, never give them a leadership role.
ISTJ: You can’t count on these guys at all, total flakes.
ESFJ: Shopping of any kind is the most boring thing they can possibly think of.
ISFJ: They hate animals.