MBTI and Love Languages

I’ve been wondering for awhile if people’s love languages have anything to do with their personality types. Comment with your personality type and your love language, and maybe it’ll help us find out. If you have more than one love language, put your second/third ones in parenthesis after your first. I’m not going to do my exact one for an example, since I don’t really know what my love languages are, but:

INFP, quality time (touch, acts of service)

If you don’t know your love language, there’s a quiz here, though I can’t say how completely accurate it is.


Some Business

So I wanted to let you all (awesome!) readers know that there will either be very few or no more blog posts in August. I’m taking a break from the computer this week, will be staying at a friend’s next week, will be off to vacation the following week, and then starting school the week after that. Much busy. xD So no, I won’t be dead, and you’ll hopefully hear from me again sometime in the near future. I’m disappointed to have to take break so soon after making this new blog, but maybe that will give me some time to figure out exactly what I want to do in the upcoming months. I’ve noticed a lot of people have had questions concerning certain letter groups (E vs. I, N vs. S, T vs. F, J vs. P), and I thought it may be helpful to do a series of posts examining each set of letters. Would that be something you would like to see on here? I’d love you to vote and let me know. =D And for some reason the poll expires in one week, so don’t wait to vote!