I am an INFP.
90% introverted, 60% intuitive, 90% feeling, and 20% perceptive (approximately).

I am curious, questioning, one who follows my thoughts too often to places better left unexplored. I am a student of mercy and a child of grace. I am a slow learner, practicing to place my mind in the hands of the One who made it, to let Him direct my dreams and banish my worries.

I am an analyst and a catalyst of countless questions. I am a house of “why”s, a globe of uncertainty, a pyramid of doubt. I am a child misplaced in this world of the grown-ups, a little girl under skyscrapers crowding towering above me.

I am an imitator, a reflection, an echo of their voices, a shadow of their shapes. I am a searcher and hoper, a dreamer whose eyes are filled with starlight, a container of worlds and wonders. I am a tear-stained watcher, listener, observer, thinker, one whose brain is never still, whose thoughts are beautifully ugly enemies and friends and monsters that may mean me no harm.

I am a little girl who fears all the darkness inside of her. I am a child who lies awake in bed, afraid of the nightmares waiting behind my eyelids and afraid of the thoughts that haunt me when I’m awake. I am one who conceals myself in the shadow of my Father and watches Him battle the demons within me.

I am a midnight soul, a doer of sin and a creator of mistakes, a creature whose heart is twisted, a child who hides from her own night. I am clueless and question-filled. Yet I am sure of this one thing: that the stars have not run away, no matter how thick the darkness around them.



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