Ever since I first discovered Myers-Briggs, I have been fascinated with personality types. God’s endless creativity and diversity in the people filling our world never ceases to amaze me. I do not view personality types as a way to box and categorize people, but rather as a way to better understand ourselves and others.

Typing someone can’t label every aspect of that person, and isn’t meant to. Instead, it allows you to understand pieces of yourself you thought you were experiencing on your own. I’ve discovered I am not the only quite over-thinker out there. I’ve found others also feel the way I do. It shows me how other people view things, and helps me understand why my brother’s reaction to a situation is so drastically different from my own.

By exploring personalities, I’ve also been able to see more weaknesses of myself, which has allowed me to bring them to God for further sanctification. We are all constantly growing––just because your type may say you struggle with speaking up doesn’t mean that is how you have to stay. For me, personality types give me a look into the rich inner world of myself and others and allow me to understand others’ viewpoints as well as work on the difficulties of my personality.

Each of us is different, and sometimes those differences clash and collide. And yet, our Creator has made it possible for us to smooth our edges until we fit together like a beautiful puzzle, together more marvelous than we could ever be on our own. It’s my prayer that I might be able to see from all the differing perspectives God has placed in this world.


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